Rank Criteria

For Drivers Only Rank Criteria, there are 6 categories in which the reviewed vehicles are placed, Sedans/Coupes, SUVs, Luxury/Coupes Sedans, Luxury SUVs, Minivans, and Trucks.  This is done to make ensure fairness among the competition they are ranked against.

As for each category, there are 13 criteria that are scored and tallied up for an overall score.

  • Looks – Overall exterior appearance

  • Cabin Quality – Quality of the interior cabin

  • Interior Space – Amount of interior space

  • Features – Tech and Saftey features included

  • Quietness – The noise level for wind, road, tires, and engine.

  • Ride Quality – Measures the seating position and comfort, visibility and suspension calibration

  • Family Factor – Measures the suitability for the family

  • Fuel Economy – MPG compared to its peers

  • Price – MSRP of the vehicle

  • Value – Value provided based on the MSRP of the vehicle

  • Status – Measures the presence and status of the vehicle

  • Winter – The driveability of the vehicle in the winter with snow